Sunday, September 6, 2009

This and That

Restoring an old house is in the details. When you start a construction project from scratch, you start new, with large piles of lumber, drywall and other supplies. It seems to move quickly. When you restore, you have to undo to redo. In the case of a true restoration, you try your best to preserve as much of the old as possible, so you must rewire, strip, sand, glue, and fix before you can build, spackle, paint, wallpaper etc.

This weekend has been all about making progress on many projects at once. We are not very organized, so we are working on the old and the new simultaneously with new old things popping up on the to-do list everyday. Confused? Don’t worry, so are we.

This weekend we are painting the speaker covers, restoring a window, striping woodwork, and reworking a closet interior among other small projects and general maintenance. Nothing completed, but a lot in middle of the process and with many hands to help. Our friend Ryan came out on Saturday to help and ended up mowing the lawn leaving us more time to work on restoring. Emily, a neighbor’s painter’s daughter (say that three times fast) came over to help weed and sweep the front brick walkway. Today my dad helped to prep the speaker covers for paint and then helped to strip and sand some woodwork. Later in the day, Jake and Annie joined the party, lining a closet with bead board plywood. I have spent the better part of the weekend restoring one of our windows, which is one of the most time consuming jobs we have here (a subject that deserves a post of its own). Kevin has been to Home Depot repeatedly and has been painting .

So much to do, so little time, but it’s a three day weekend, so hopefully we’ll have another productive day tomorrow. Thanks to all our wonderful helpers!
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