Monday, September 7, 2009

Coming Out of the Closet

We finished the carpentry for the coat closet today. Not much R and R here for Labor Day. It was a long day, but Annie and Jake had done good work yesterday, setting us up for success.

The closet walls are beadboard plywood, the drop ceiling (Jake's idea) is made of leftover door/window trim (reduce, reuse, recycle). The shelf is made from a stair runner and the corners are quarter round.
Also, per Jake's suggestion, we replaced the old light fixture (a real old bakelight cutie, but not as functional and safe as a modern fixture) with a florescent. Once painted, the closet will be very clean and functional.

Anyone out there good at organizing and cleanup? We seem to have troubles in this department! We had to do some organization of one of our workrooms today. We couldn't find the materials we needed so in a huff, we organized and regrouped, eventually finding enough like materials to do the drop ceiling. Still a lot more to clean up in this room is needed, but its a start. Now its time to call Herby, the trash guy, to pick up the pile I made in the driveway.
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