Thursday, March 18, 2010

Broken Weathervane

I went outside today and noticed that the weathervane broke in half. It has been very nice out with no wind so, I cannot blame this damage on the elements. I am afraid that it won't be possible to restore the weathervane as it is most certainly rusted through. The most we can hope for would be to save the pieces and have it remade.

Does anyone out there know of a place that has antique weathervanes or makes reproductions?

I am so sad. This weathervane was the crowning jewel of the house. literally.

The grant application is going pretty well. The contractor estimates are coming in, we've taken lots of pictures and started writing. We have also received a bunch of letters of support. We can always use more though, so please send your letters ASAP!

Please enjoy another picture courtesy of Bob Graham. Its Leland, Barbara and Millie Shugart in front of the house. Take note of the crazy gutters!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Letters of Support Please!!!!!!!

I am not known for my I am very sorry to those of you that I am annoying with my persistance!

We still need as many letters of support as we can get! Anyone can write a letter, so if you would like to see the Brown-Shugart House (Walnut Manor) Restored, please send your letter ASAP. I have a handy dandy trusty guide that will make writing the letter quite painless! Please see it below...

We are also wanting to boost our friends and followers so we can show the state that people are watching this restoration. Friend us on Facebook, email address and Subscribe AND Follow our blog here! Following is different than subscribing, but why I don't know.

Many thanks in advance!

Charity Beth Long

Guide for Letters of Support

Thank you in advance for writing a letter of support! We appreciate you championing our restoration project. We could not do it without the cheerleading of our friends, family, neighbors and fellow preservationists! Below is information to assist you in writing your letter. Once your letter is complete, please email it (preferred) or send it to 633 S. Samuel St., Charles Town, WV 25414, so it may be included with the grant application packet.

The Grant Process
We are applying for a development grant for historic preservation from the state of West Virginia. These grants are 50/50 matching grants and are used to repair, replace and restore building elements that have deteriorated. Unless your building is open to the public, the work is limited to exterior features and indoor systems like electricity and plumbing can threaten the safety of the house. Priority is given to items like roofs and gutters.

Our Project
We have several projects for which we are applying for grant assistance. They include replacement, repair and painting of the roofs and the replacement of the gutters. The back porch floor needs to be replaced or repaired and we need many repairs to be made to the existing wood features of the house. We hope to finish the stripping of exterior paint and paint the whole house. We will also finish the restoration of the windows and have the dangerous exterior wiring changed and/or removed. We are going to include the rebuilding of the front brick wall and Victorian fence as well as the restoration of the weather vane that tops the tower roof.

Things to include in your letter
Your name and address

Address the letter to the Members of the Archives and History Commission, West Virginia Division Of Culture And History, State Historic Preservation Office, 1900 Kanawha Blvd., East, Charleston, WV 25305

State how you are related to the project
o Neighbor
o Descendant/ family of the Brown or Shugart families
o Community Organization
o Community leader
o Fellow preservationist
o Friend/ Family

Why you feel the restoration of the Brown-Shugart House is important

Why you feel that a grant should be awarded to this project

Make your letter personal!

Send the letter by March 27th (The application must be postmarked by March 31st)