Thursday, March 18, 2010

Broken Weathervane

I went outside today and noticed that the weathervane broke in half. It has been very nice out with no wind so, I cannot blame this damage on the elements. I am afraid that it won't be possible to restore the weathervane as it is most certainly rusted through. The most we can hope for would be to save the pieces and have it remade.

Does anyone out there know of a place that has antique weathervanes or makes reproductions?

I am so sad. This weathervane was the crowning jewel of the house. literally.

The grant application is going pretty well. The contractor estimates are coming in, we've taken lots of pictures and started writing. We have also received a bunch of letters of support. We can always use more though, so please send your letters ASAP!

Please enjoy another picture courtesy of Bob Graham. Its Leland, Barbara and Millie Shugart in front of the house. Take note of the crazy gutters!

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