Monday, August 31, 2009

Keeping Track

After 3+ years of restoring our house, I have finally gotten around to starting a blog about the restoration process. We have many people "watching" the progress from near and afar and I want to let everyone know more about the joys and mishaps of our restoration. Maybe you long to have an old home of your own or maybe you are one of the crazy people like me who decided to by a fixer-upper. No matter what your reason for being here and reading my rantings of historic preservation and home renovation, welcome to Walnut Manor.

Many people have asked when we plan to have the project completed and I don't have an answer to that. We will get done as time and money allows and since we do a lot of the work ourselves it will depend on how much time (and patience) we have to put towards the restoration. So far we have spent countless hours, days, weeks, months and years trying to bring this old girl back to her former glory and I am sure we will be restoring for many more years to come.

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